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web development

In recent years, the Internet is replacing more and more the real world, and thus having a website for your own business is ever more useful for the purposes of communication. But often the costs for its implementation are prohibitive, and to create it yourself is not always possible because of the technical knowledge that is needed for (use of CMS, programming, graphics, etc.).: the middle way is to contact a consultant. A consultant can write pieces of code needed for special situations, can help you choose the best technology for your website, can help you to use graphics programs to improve the design of the site according to your preferences, to install CMS to make dynamic sites quickly and manage them, to create special effects and also to handle the necessary paperwork to register a domain.

In particular, I deal with:

  • HTML, XHTML, PHP, Javascript and C++ programming
  • web design
  • animations
  • installation, management and customization of open-source CMS (Joomla!, Prestashop, Wordpress, etc.)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • E-commerce
  • IT security for websites
  • accessibility and usability optimization
IT security

Cyber security is becoming more and more an essential aspect of personal safety, that represent for the majority of the citizens of developed countries the most important part of their protection. Increasingly, cyber attacks against individuals and large companies and organizations are even more frequent, also for criminal purposes (to steal login credentials of bank accounts, email passwords, for using then the addresses to send spam, etc.), scams, phishing attempts, etc..

At the same time, the growth and spread of social networks opens up new security holes in lives of us all: phenomena of cyber-stalking, fake profiles for trying to steal information in a subtle way, moving then on to criminals like pedophiles and serial rapists that looks for their victims in the social networks. And in these situations, the risk of money loss and data theft turns into a real danger to our own safety.

In addition, the current legislation, such as the European Directives 2002/58/EC and 95/46/EC, besides state laws, confer specific rights, duties and responsibilities to citizens and legal persons who use electronic communications.

For both personal and corporate computer security, I can provide advice for:

  • assesment of safety and reliability of existing systems
  • penetration tests
  • choice of properly secure passwords
  • behavioral rules for the management of third parties personal information or sensitive data
  • social engineering techniques to identify potentially dangerous personalities in social networks
  • legal aspects of data processing (only limited to technological and computer science problems)
Digital image processing

I can offer IT consulting and collaborations in digital image processing; specifically for:

  • Coloring, color correction
  • Damaged photo restoration
  • Optimization in JPEG files compression (eg intended for use on the Internet)
  • Use of color profiles
  • Morphing
  • Eliminating defects
  • Optimization of blurred photos
  • Coloring of black and white images
  • Digital filters, FX
  • HDR

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